Disability Services

A List Of The Services We Provide

Accessible Transport

We Help Our Clients Move comfortably from One Place To another With The Use Of Wheelchair Accessible Vans, Driven By Experienced Drivers.

Community Participation

We Offer A Wide Range Of Premium Services That Are Tailor Made To Meet The Specific Needs Of Our Clients.

Therapy Services

Our Experienced Positive Behavior Support Specialists are there to help kids & Adults As Through The Different Stages Of Life.

Disability Services

We Help With Sourcing Suitable, Accommodation, Support Coordination, Community Support, and Experienced Carers That Understand You.

Disability Services We Provide

We provide numerous disability services for our clients such as 

Meal Planing & Preparation

Making A list of what ought to be bought with you at the local grocery store, supermarket, bakery, or butcher. We either go with you or without you depending on what you want. We can also help you shop online.

Personal Care and Wellbeing

We want you to looking and feeling your best in your home. We can help by providing access to personal services such as showering and personal hygiene at your home. We also provide other services such as medication management, skincare, dressing, and grooming to name a few.

Domestic Support

Having a clean house is essential when it comes to enjoying life. Why? Because this is where we all spend most of your time. Our home care services can help you enjoy life by providing a clean environment for you, your family, and your friends. Services provided include. Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming, Dusting, Washing Dishes, Laundry, Tidying, and Making Beds.

NDIS Coodination

Getting NDIS funding can be somewhat a complex system to navigate, but with our Support Coordination Service, we can help you. this can involve: guiding you through the NDIS experience. Talking with you to get a feel of what your pain points are and which is the best funding for you. Coordinating Support from various services.


We know how difficult it is for you to meet up mates at a restaurant, cinema, club, etc when you are using services such as taxies. At Charles Enua, we intend to help you plan for your trips and we ensure that we get you transportation that’s suitable for you. 

Looking For A Tailor-Made Plan

Contact Us Now. We Help Clients On An NDIS Plan and Those That Aren’t. Contact Us and Let Us See How Best We Can Work Something Out For You.