Our Principles

Our Principles


At CDS, and within recovery paradigms, all people are respected for the experience, expertise and strengths they contribute. We respect and value the uniqueness of the individual. We understand that recovery doesn’t necessarily mean “cure”, it means understanding and respecting what it means to the person being supported to live a meaningful and contributing life.

Respect also means acknowledging the right and need for self-determination. To do this, we leverage our experience to proactively balance safety with dignity of risk. This means that our customers are supported to make real choices.


Our team possesses extensive experience in the psychological impacts of trauma. Our approach is sensitive to the possible impacts of trauma, that may be life long.

At CDS, we are experts at anticipating the real impacts of psychosocial disability, and understand exactly when difficulties arise. Instead, of a standard service, we understand that psycho-social disability may present challenges in:


  • Certain types of environments or social situations
  • Managing stress
  • Having the stamina to complete or initiate certain tasks
  • Interacting with others in the family or community
  • Coping with pressure, especially when experience multiple tasks or competing demands


Our approach puts interconnectedness at the heart of the recovery journey. We proactively seek partnerships with medical professionals, family and other supports to enable the person being supported to thrive in a recovery ecosystem. This means we go above and beyond to communicate and integrate the network of support.