Our Team


I have 10 years experience working with the department of child protection and disability services across WA. During this time I developed first hand experience of the impact of trauma and providing specialised services for people living with psycho-social disability. My work is based on the outstanding results that can be achieved by respecting lived experience and leveraging the recovery framework.

I have developed extensive knowledge about what it takes to meaningfully integrate people in their communities. When things don’t go to plan, I have deep experience managing challenge behaviours and intervening therapeutically in the crisis cycle. My organisational vision is about making valuable contributions to people’s lives and the community by supporting people to live a meaningful life. You will find me at the center of the planning process, ensuring that everyone who uses our services is on the path finding and maintaining hope.


Jane has worked across the sector for the last 20 years and has vast experience as a counsellor. Holding a bachelor of psychology, Jane has extensive expertise in implementing meaningful change leveraging her knowledge and the recovery framework.

Key to Jane’s work is embedding genuine opportunities for responsibility and control in people’s lives. She is passionate about creating meaningful experiences that assist people to build sustainable and productive lives. Jane’s extensive professional experience allows her to build robust partnerships with families, carers and medical professionals which form the nexus of meaningful change.