Psycho-Social Disability Services

Psycho-Social Disability Services

How we’re different

At CDS people living with psycho-social disabilities are at the centre of our service design and reason for being. The recovery framework and real experience underpin our services. We know that it isn’t about diagnoses, but about what people face when they go about their lives. At CDS our experience in psycho-social disability ensures that lived experience is respected and we affirm personal identity beyond the constraints of diagnoses

What we do

At CDS we don’t just provide support to access the community. Embedded in our work is an emphasis on re-establishing a positive identity and building a meaningful life. This means our support leverages active support to find and maintain hope and assists people to take responsibility and control in their lives.


Our model is different because we don’t expect to provide support forever. Our recovery plans are driven by lived experiences and find ways to encourage the person to build skills and meaning that allows them to take on increasing control in their life. Our team is trained to provide these experiences, and our systems are designed to facilitate recovery promoting relationships.